how to close your HDFC bank account?

How to Close HDFC Bank Account Easily in just Few Clicks!

HDFC Bank is the Best Private Sector Bank and is known for its services and customer care. HDFC offers many types of Banking & Financial Services like Savings and Current accounts, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, FD, and many more. Also, as per the new government rules the account holder has to maintain a certain amount of balance every month. If you are not happy or like any of the services of HDFC Bank and would want to close the account, then here we help you with a detailed guide on how to close your HDFC Bank Account.

How to Close your HDFC Bank Account Online?

Sadly, HDFC Bank Account cannot be closed online. However, if you wish to close your HDFC Bank Account, it is not necessary to visit the home branch. You will have to download the HDBC account closure form online and visit the nearest branch of HDFC Bank to close your account online.

Follow the below-given steps to permanently close your HDFC Bank

  • Before you decide to close your HDFC Bank account, ensure to cash out all your remaining balance from the HDFC account to the other bank account through NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, or UPI.
  • After your HDFC Bank balance is cleared, visit the nearest HDFC Bank Branch and get the account closure form. Fill in the required details in the form with all the correct details.
  • You can also download the HDFC Account closure form online by vising the official website of HDFC Bank. Visit the branch with the filled form.
  • Submit the account closure form to the HDFC Bank executive along with the Passbook, Debit card, and also Chequebook. Ensure that you carry your ID proof with yourself, as this will be asked by the executive of the bank for verification purposes.
  • On submission of the account closure form along with the other required documents, the bank executive will submit a copy acknowledging the account closure form, and your HDFC Bank account will be closed in 10 working days.

Things to be considered when applying for the closure of HDFC Bank Account

Before you submit the HDFC Bank account closure form, below is a checklist to be considered for precaution measures.

  • Open your New Bank Account: The first and the most important thing to do is to open your new bank account before your close your HDFC Bank account. Once this is done, deposit all your HDFC account cash into the other bank.
  • De-Link the Auto-payment options of your HDFC Bank debit card: It is very important that your first de-link the auto payments of all your HDFC Bank old debit cards. Cancel every insecure payment and de-link everything from the UPI-related apps.
  • Backup of the Statement: You will never know when you will require the HDFC Bank statement. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you keep a backup of your HDFC Bank Statement. You can either choose to take a printout of the Bank Statement and keep it safe with you.
  • Always ensure to mention your active mobile number, so that the bank executive can contact you if any problem arises.
  • Take safety precautions, take a photocopy or scan a copy of the debit card and passbook.
  • Take a photocopy or scan copy of the first and the last unused check leaves of your bank account checkbook.

What is the Charge to close your HDFC Bank Account?

If you wish to close your HDFC Bank account, the HDFC Bankers will ask for the closing charges.

  • You will have to pay the amount of Rs. 500 to close your HDFC Bank account.
  • Contact the HDFC Bank Branch Manager and explain the circumstances with the reasons why are you not able to maintain the account balance. In case if they understand the situation, the closing charges can be waived off.

How many days does the bank take to process the closure?

Usually, the HDFC Account closes in 7 Business days. In some cases, it may take 2 weeks. If you follow the above steps, you can close your HDFC Bank account without any hassle. The bank executives will communicate with you above the closure of your HDFC Bank account through email or call on your registered mobile number.

How to Transfer or Withdraw the Balance amount from the HDFC Bank Savings account before closing the account?

Make sure that you have funded all the parked amount of your account. The simplest way is through net banking. Transfer all the amount to your other account through NEFT/RTGS or even IMPS will work faster. The balance in your HDFC Bank account should be zero. If there is any balance amount left after the closure, the same will be returned to you through demand draft.


If you face any trouble during the process of the closure of your HDFC Bank Account, seek help from the HDFC Bank’s executive and you can even call the HDFC number of your nearest branch for assistance over the call. You can even call the customer care of HDFC bank for more details.

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