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HP Gas Booking – How to Book HP Gas Online [Fast & Easy]

Do you want to know how to book your HP Gas anytime? You can do this through the HP Gas Booking. HP Gas is the arm of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited that supplies LPG. The total capacity of these gas plants is 3610 thousand metric tonnes annually. Every process right from the beginning of bottling the gas to its distribution is examined. The recently launched HP Gas Booking System HP Anytime, helps the customers to book their HP Gas Refill. Customers can now dial a single number across the state and book that HP Gas refill.

If you are an HP Gas existing customer who is looking for an HP Gas booking process, read the below.

What is the process to Book HP Gas?

HP Gas customers can book their HP Gas refilling by using the below methods:

To book an HP Gas refill can be a tedious task and this cannot be an exaggeration that HP Gas has simplified the HP Gas booking in a much better way. Mentioned below is the general process to book an HP Gas cylinder refill through different channels.

The HP Anytime – 24/7 IVRS

HP Anytime is an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) that was launched by HPCL for all its HP Gas customers.

  • The customers of HP Gas can easily use the 24/7 IVRS Gas system to book HP LPG Gas.
  • The prime advantage of using the IVRS system is that the HP Gas customer can call on a single number from anywhere in the state to book their HP Gas cylinder refill.
  • Once the order has been placed, the customer will get their booking number from the IVRS system in real-time.
  • The IVRS booking system has replaced the practice of manual booking.
  • The online request gets stored in the central server and later sent to the state’s respective HP Gas distributors.
  • The HP Gas customers can use their registered phone numbers which they have provided at the gas agencies to make the gas refill booking through IVRS.
  • The IVRS system enables the HP gas customers to make seamless HP gas bookings and also get the confirmation immediately and hassle-free of any type of manual errors restricted working hours or engage telephone lines.

Auto-Registration numbers on the IVRS system for HP Gas Booking

The HP Gas customers can now register with the mobile numbers and also landline numbers as their contact numbers on the IVRS system. This enables the auto-identification of the customer. The IVRS system recognizes when the customer calls with their registered mobile number. The Anytime IVRS system sends up to 3 alerts to the HP Gas customers regarding their status of the refill supplied with the messages regarding their HP gas booking number. It also mentions the dates of all pending orders, cash memo with the date, and delivery confirmation message, all these details will be sent to the customers.

How to Book HP Gas Online?

The HP Gas customers can book their HP Gas refill online by using the HP Gas online portal. Following the below-given steps, customers can easily place a request for their HP Gas refill booking online.

  • If you are an existing HP Gas customer and have not yet registered at the online HP Gas portal. You will have to first register on the official portal of HP Gas.
  • To register on the online portal, the customer needs to enter few details like the customer number to get their registered, distributor name, and the details of the distributor. The customer will have to provide complete details like mobile number, email address, and contact address.
  • The registered customers can log on to the HP Gas Online booking portal by using their user id and password. Once logged in, the customer will have to select the Book or the refill option on the dashboard section on the registration page.
  • Enter the requested details and click on the submit button. The request to booking the HP Gas cylinder refill is now booked online.

How to book HP Gas Booking using Quick Book and Pay?

  • The customer can now book online their HP gas refill cylinder by vising the HP Gas QuickPay.
  • The customer can use the Quick Search option or even the Normal Search option to proceed with Gas booking.
  • Under the Quick Search, the portal asks for the distributor’s name and the consumer number to proceed further.
  • Under the Normal Search, the portal asks for the state, district, name of the HP Gas distributor, and the consumer number to proceed further.
  • The customer will also have to enter the captcha code in the space below provided before they click on the Proceed button.
  • Once the customer can log in, they can now book their HP Gas cylinder refill.

How to Book HP Gas Cylinder through the Mobile App?

Hindustan Petroleum has provided a Mobile App to its customers to book their LPG gas cylinder refill. The HP gas customers can register a request to refill their gas cylinder or file a complaint and also check the history of their gas refilling supplies received to date. Using the mobile app, the customer can also put a request to surrender their connection and also can rate the distributor by using the HP Gas Booking Mobile App.

Installation and Activation of the HP Gas App

The customer can now open the play store on their Android Phone and search for HP Gas. They will have to install the application on their Smartphone device. Once the app has been installed the customer will have to activate the service. Provide all the details like distributor code and consumer no with the mobile number. The customer will now receive an SMS with the activation code on their mobile number. On receiving the activation code, the application gets launched and the activation code will be fed. The app will ask the customer for a security code or a Password. Upon verifying all the details, the customer will be ready to use the HP gas application.

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