ICICI Bank RTGS Form & ICICI Bank NEFT Form PDF Free Download

ICICI Bank is one of the leading bank we have in our country, India. To make the online banking secured, the bank has an option of RTGS. RTGS stands for real time gross settlement. For opting this feature, customers are required to fill a form which is mandatory for the registration. ICICI bank isn’t the only bank that has the feature.

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Most of the banks have already started this idea. This whole process makes the transaction safe and secured. Using the RTGS feature, customers can anytime send the money to any account without going out from the home. Unlike NEFT, the RTGS does not require any fixed time for the transaction. The money will reach to the account instantly. Although RBI has a control over this RTGS feature, they haven’t fixed any charges for the same. Thus, the banks are free to fix a charge for the transaction.

ICICI Bank RTGS Form / NEFT Form 2021 PDF Download

Click on the below download button to directly download the NEFT and RTGS form in PDF form.

RTGF Form Download

NEFT Form Download

The bank itself allows their loyal customers to transact on RTGS platform from INR 2 lakh to 10 lakh. The minimum amount is INR 2 lakh while the maximum is INR 10 Lakh. The charges for using the RTGS services is INR 25 excluding GST for the amount between INR 2 lakh to INR 2.5 lakh. For the amount between 2.5 lakh till 10 lakh, the charges are INR 50 plus GST

The bank has the fast RTGS system where it will only take the time duration of 30 minutes for each transaction. Generally you will not require more than 30 minutes for reflecting money into the payee’s account. However, if you face such situation, you must contact the ICICI customer care. The bank shall help you in the same. 

How to fill ICICI Bank RTGS Form?

For filling the ICICI Bank RTGS form, the process isn’t very difficult. You can do it both online and offline and to do it, you are only required to fill the application form with the accurate information. For the same, you are required to fill- 

  1. First of all, you need to enter the sender’s details like the name, address, email address, contact number and the signature of the sender.
  2. The second part is the beneficiary information. For that, you need to fill the bank name, account number, name of the beneficiary, contact number, the type of account, savings or current and IFSC code.
  3. The final part is the payment details. You need to enter the total amount you wish to send, the account number, bank address.
  4. There will be two sections in the form. In the right side, you need to enter the beneficiary details and in the left side, the NEFT/RTGS transaction details will come.
  5. You need to fill the beneficiary details there.
  6.   Once it is done, the bank will issue branch use only tab. You need to enter the amount which should be higher than INR 2 lakh.

Important details-

If you see the form, it will be divided into two sections. In the first part, you need to fill the information of the beneficiary account. However, in the other part, the bank’s terms and conditions will be given. You must give a look to it before proceeding further.

  1. You must give the correct information only.
  2. You can only transact in working days.
  3. If your information isn’t provided accurately or your account balance isn’t enough, it will be rejected.

These are the important information you must ensure while using the ICICI Bank RTGS platform. 

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