find ICICI bank cash deposit machine near you

How to Find ICICI Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) Near Me Branches & Location

Find ICICI Cash Deposit Machine Near You

There are loads of people who are tired of standing in a long queue, waiting for hours at a bank only to deposit money in an account. So, ICICI BANK came up with a way to easily deposit cash at their bank. ICICI is one of the largest private sector banks in India, that offers a wide range of banking products and financial services for corporate and retail customers through various services and facilities provided for free. 

ICICI Bank Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)

The bank has a very broad range of 5,275 branches and 15,589 ATMs across various cities and states in India. It also has an extremely strong presence in 17 countries. ICICI bank’s cash deposit offers a complete solution for hassle-free cash deposits at a bank. 

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is quite similar to a normal ATM and allows all users to use their debit card for transactions and withdrawals between bank accounts of any country. All successful transactions are immediately credited and customers will be issued an advice slip confirming the transaction. Most importantly, it can be used anytime which means it is available 24*7.

Finding an ICICI ATM

Finding an ICICI Cash Deposit machine is as easy as finding a cafe. There are two ways to do it:

Method 1

  • Go to the home page of ICICI bank by visiting their official website. Click on this link to be redirected to ICICI bank’s official website. 
  • At the top-left corner, you will find the menu icon. A desktop user would see all the menu items along with the ICICI Bank logo.
  • From the menu, tap on the ‘Get in Touch’ Link. It would open a sub-menu. Tap on the ‘Find ATM/Branch‘ link.
  • Scroll through the page until you find the link for the ‘Cash Deposit Machine’.
  • It would open the list of all the branches which have cash deposit machines on their premises. 
  • Search for the ‘Find’ feature of the browser. Tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the browser. Now tap on ‘ Find in the Page’.
  • Then, a text box at the top of the browser will open. Write the name of the city you are in. Now navigate to locations that have the name of the city.

Method 2

Use the link of the ICICI ATM deposit machine finder given below to find the nearest ICICI Bank ATM.   You can click on this link to be redirected within seconds. 

Using CDM to find an ATM Machine

After finding an ICICI cash deposit machine, depositing money with a debit card is just an easy task. Even the smallest amount of 100 rupees can be deposited in an account with the help of a cash deposit machine. All the notes in multiples of 100 up to Rs.2000 will be accepted by ICICI cash deposit machines. 

Here are the steps to follow to avoid perplexity:

  •  Insert Debit card and Enter your 4-Digit PIN.
  • Select your account type.
  • Place Money in Cash Deposit machines and click on Continue.
  • The machine will count the money and it will show the amount deposited. 
  • If correct, click on “Deposit”
  • Your money will be deposited in the account & a receipt will be generated. 

Therefore, depositing money with an ICICI cash deposit machine is just child’s play. 

Benefits provided to people who use ICICI Cash Deposit Machines

Cash deposit machine users enjoy many benefits provided by the machine, a few of them are:

  • Instant cash deposit in any account.
  • All the transactions are paperless.
  • There is no need to visit the bank and stand in long queues for deposits.
  • Users can also deposit cash in  PPF, RD and Loan accounts. 
  • Currency notes of up to 200 can be deposited into an account.
  • Cash deposit machines accept denominations of Rupees 100,200,500 & 2000. 

Not only this, but customers can also check their account balance, mini statement, or deposit cash from the Cash Deposit Machines.

Just like a coin has two sides, Cash Deposit Machines have various benefits; however, there is one disadvantage for users. Banks set withdrawal limits for their customers. The transaction per limit is Rs.49,900/- for cardless deposit and through debit cards it’s Rs. 2.00 lacs (subject to account has ceded with PAN number). Therefore, customers can only withdraw a certain amount of money in a day. 


Keeping cash in stores or in the pocket increases the risk of theft or great damage. Depositing money from time to time in a bank account reduces the risk significantly.  Even during busy days, depositing cash becomes very easy with cash deposit machines.  So, to avoid long queues and waitings, cash deposit machines are mostly recommended as it is so easy to use and available all the time without any risk while using it. 

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