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IDBI Corporate Banking – Login, Features, How to Apply, Activation & Password Reset

IDBI Corporate Banking has helped a lot of corporate customers make payments and transactions. Payments and transaction methods have become even more convenient through the net banking service that is offered by IDBI Bank. Corporate customers of IDBI can now make online transactions, check their transfers and collect money from other people with the help of Net Banking. This facility is available to IDBI Banking customers who have activated their Net Banking Account. These customers can access their bank and make payments anytime from anywhere as IDBI’s corporate net banking services are available 24X7.

IDBI Corporate Net banking Features

There are many benefits that customers can avail after activating their corporate net banking account. A few IDBI Corporate Net Banking Login features are as follows:

  • You can have online access to the passbook.
  • You can check the status and enquire about your checkbook online whenever you want.
  • Users can make online requests for their mobile or DTH recharge and even use IDBI net banking service to recharge the above.
  • You can even transfer money to other bank accounts through NEFT, RTGS, etc.
  • Users can get the latest updates on their transactions online as well.

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IDBI Corporate Banking Charges

IDBI Bank does not charge any fee for activation or for using the net banking service for its corporate customers. To sum this up, IDBI Corporate Net Banking is completely available for free. All you need to do is fill in the application form and submit it to the bank’s nearest branch. Once activated, you can avail of all of these services without having to pay any extra charges. 

Eligibility for IDBI Corporate Net banking

There are no eligibility criteria stated by IDBI Bank for corporate net banking. If you have a corporate account at IDBI Bank, then you are eligible to have used its net banking services for your account accordingly. You will just have to submit the completed application form to begin the activation process of your corporate net banking account.

How to Apply for IDBI Corporate Net banking?

You do not need to worry about creating your account online as IDBI will do that for you. All you have to do is submit the form with your details and you will receive the login details of your Net Banking account. You can visit any IDBI branch and request the Channel Registration form.

There is another way to get the application form: you can download it online from the official website of IDBI. Follow this URL to be redirected to the official website. Fill this form and submit it in order to receive your net banking login details from the bank.

How to Activate an IDBI Corporate Net banking Account?

Once you have submitted your net banking form, you will get the details of your account. You can then enter this information on the official website to activate your account. Activating IDBI corporate net banking is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of IDBI Bank and click on the link that says “Login to your Net Banking Account”.
  • Once the login page opens, you will have to enter your private details such as Account Number, Phone Number, and Customer ID.
  • Once these details are submitted, you will have to create a new password for your net banking account.
  • You will then have to follow the three-step authentication process.
  • Here you will have to submit the details of your credit or debit card and enter the OTP that you receive on your registered phone number.
  • Now enter the new password and your account is activated and ready to use.

How to Secure your IDBI Net Banking Account?

Net banking of IDBI corporate accounts is very safe and secure. However, you can follow these few tips to ensure that your account details are kept private and safe from hacking:

  • You should never share your account details such as password, pin, and OTP with anyone.
  • Do not send any information related to your bank account through e-mails. They are prone to hacking.
  • Never access your IDBI Corporate account from a cyber cafe or public area where lots of people use the same device.
  • Never allow your computer to ‘Remember Me’, ‘Remember Password’, etc. as such details can be hacked.
  • Even after taking all the precautions if you still feel that any suspicious activity has taken place with your account, you should immediately inform the bank. This can be done by calling the IDBI Bank on its toll-free

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How to Modify Daily Transaction Limit for IDBI Corporate Banking?

Users can change the limit of their IDBI Net Banking account  transaction by following the steps outlined below simply follow these steps:

  • Open the official website and click on the Login Button.
  • Enter your details and click on the button that says submit
  • A new page will open and instead of entering the password click on the option that says ‘Generate New Password’ and click on proceed.
  • Now you will have to enter personal information such as your card number, ATM Pin and OTP.
  • Once you see the option of Terms and Conditions, you can click on the option that says, ‘Set Access Rights/Modify Limits’.
  • Here you will have to click on the button that says ‘Enable Transaction Facility’.
  • Now you can enter any limit of transactions. Click on the ‘Submit’ and ‘OK’ buttons to continue.
  • You can even check your transaction limit in the ‘Fund Transfers, Bill Payments, and Card Payments’ option.

IDBI Bank offers net banking services to its corporate customers as well. The net banking facility has many attractive features such as online transactions to your bank or other banks, monitoring transfers, and checking the status of other things as well. Many people have activated their net banking account at IDBI bank. It is very safe and secure to use if you follow all the basic precautions. It is available for free without any extra charges. You can conveniently perform all your banking activities online once you activate your corporate net banking account of IDBI bank.

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