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SBI is a multi-national bank with its headquarters located in Mumbai and thousands of branches throughout India as well as many parts of the world. Its origin can be traced back to 1806 in three colonial banks of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras. Together they were known asImperial Bank of India’ and in 1955 were renamed as ‘State Bank of India’ after being acquired by the RBI.

Established originally as Bank of Calcutta in 1806, SBI has come a long way. Integrating technology with its world-class customer service, it has started offering online services. The online method of Complaint is one such example. Read further to know everything about filing your grievance online to checking the status of that complaint. SBI will never disappoint you when it comes to customer service and solving the grievance of their customers.

This bank has been featured as 221st  in the Fortune 500 list of biggest corporations of the world in the year 2020. SBI is among the top 50 largest banks in the world, 43rd to be precise. It is the largest nationalized bank in India. SBI is a multi-national bank with its headquarters located in Mumbai and thousands of branches throughout India as well as many parts of the world. Its origin can be traced back to 1806 in three colonial banks of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras. Together they were known as ‘Imperial Bank of India’ and in 1955 were renamed as ‘State Bank of India’ after being acquired by the RBI.


SBI has developed a lot since then as they have made Banking very easy for their customers. Beginning with ATMs, then Mobile Banking and now even Net Banking has made it convenient and easily accessible to its customers. Apart from different modes of financial transactions SBI also offers different methods of balance checks to its customers.

SBI Client Complaints

SBI is one of the foremost banks of India and provides various financial services to its customers. The Bank provides transaction services, money transfers to accounts within and outside SBI. These services are available to the customers in the Bank branch located anywhere in the country as well as online services which give 24x 7 access to the Bank facilities to the customers. The services also include customer relationship management and cash management service. This too is done both offline as well as online. Apart from the availability of these services, SBI also provides Customer Complaint service in case any customer is not satisfied.

This article outlines complaint registration as well as complaint status check. Read further to know how to register your complaint regarding SBI services and how to check the status of that complaint. 

SBI Grievance Redressal

The State Bank of India provides a service known as Cash Management Service Or CMS for short. This service has helped many customers with their transactions that involve money. The Cash Management Service Or CMS has made both online as well as offline transactions much easier now. However, if a person has a complaint he can register his grievance. There are various categories for complaints under this service. Some of these categories include the following:

ATM, BHIM UPI, YONO, Yono lite, Internet Banking, Prepaid cards, NRI services, Unauthorised transaction, General Banking, Deposits, Advances, Government schemes, Remittances, etc.

How to Register SBI Online Complaint?

SBI is one of the best banks not just in India but in the whole world. Despite its world-class services, in case a person is left unsatisfied or has a complaint then he can register it with the Bank. State Bank of India offers registration of Complaints in online as well as offline mode. If you want to file a complaint online, follow these steps:

  • Open the official website of SBI
  • On the top of the page, there is the ‘Customer Care’ button. Click on it.
  • It will provide you with the following four options: Send Complaint, Register complaint, Customer Request, and Complaint form.
  • Choose Register Complaint and click on it.

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How should one file a complaint at SBI Customer Care?

Once the Register Complaint option is available to you all you need to do is file your complaint. However, apart from the option mentioned above, one more way of filing your complaint is available to you. Follow these steps:

  • Open the customer care page directly and choose the customer complaint form.
  • You need to mention all the details such as what type of customer you are. This includes mentioning whether you are an existing customer or a non-customer entitled to benefits such as a metro card, prepaid card, etc.
  • You need to also mention your account number, Branch code, registered mobile number, and your complaint.
  • You have to mention your complaints in not more than 500 words.
  • Then you need to enter the security code from the image provided.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

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 SBI Complaint Status Check

SBI not only cares about the quality of the service you receive but is also worried about its timely delivery of that service. Once you have filled the complaint online, your issue will be resolved within three weeks. In-between the time when you file a complaint and you receive a reply, you can check its status.

To check the status of your complaint you have to visit their website. As of now, SBI is providing the status check through online mode only. Right now the customers cannot avail of the complaint status check through SMS.

To check the status of your complaint online, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the online portal of SBI for complaint status.
  • Provide your complaint ticket number and registered phone number.
  • Enter the security code that is shown on the image.
  • Click the button that says ‘Submit’.
  • The status of your complaint will become visible to you.

SBI complaint status check through other methods

Right now the facility of checking the status of complaints through SMS is not available. One can however check the complaint through a phone call on the toll-free number. All you need to do is call on either one of these numbers: 1800112211 (or) 18004253800 and provide your complaint ticket number.

Your complaint status will become known to you through a phone call only as the facility of status check of the complaint through SMS is not yet available at SBI.

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How to register State Bank of India Complaint offline?

SBI provides the facility of Complaint Registration offline as well. If you believe that the online complaint method is not for you then you can try out the offline method. All you have to do is just follow the simple steps outlined here:

  • First of all, you need to visit a branch of SBI. Go to the nearest possible Branch of SBI or the branch where you got your account registered.
  • Ask for the manager. The general manager or the executive manager will help you with your problems. Better even, ask for Customer Service Executive. He will give you a Complaint Book.
  • You need to enter the problems that you have and get an acknowledgment of that complaint.
  • Apart from the acknowledgment slip, you will also get a message on your phone. That too is an acknowledgment of your complaint.
  • SBI promises to resolve customer complaints and issues within 3 weeks or give an explanation for the delay.
  • If your problems are not solved at the branch office then you can even register a complaint with your regional head office manager. They have the obligation to solve it within 5 days.

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SBI is the largest multinational Bank of India. It is the only Bank to be featured in the list of the top 500 biggest corporations and that too at the 221st level. This is no easy feat. But the constant customer satisfaction is one big reason behind its huge success. SBI offers to solve the complaints of customers within 3 weeks. If this promise is not fulfilled, the customers can even approach the regional manager. Even the process of filing a complaint as well as checking its status is very easy. It can be done either in offline mode or online.

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