SBI RTGS Form & SBI NEFT Form PDF Free Download

The State bank of India is the largest government-owned bank in India and has millions of customers. The bank has online banking for its users to make it easier and convenient for them. If one is using online net banking, they are not required to visit the bank to make any transaction.

SBI  RTGS Form / NEFT Form 2021 PDF Download

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It is very comforting as well as safe to do internet banking for the transactions of the funds. You no longer require to wait in the queue of the bank and waiting for your turn. You can sit at home and make the transaction, which will only take a few minutes. The bank has a website portal where you can log in and make the transaction online. However, please note that in order to use the SBI RTGS feature, you are required to make transfers of more than INR 2 Lakhs.

SBI Working hours and Lunch time?

How to fill RTGS Form of SBI Bank?

For getting the RTGS service to activate in your account, you are required to fill a form first. The bank offers the form both online and offline, and the customer can choose the one according to their own convenience. It is essential to fill all the information and fill the form.

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  1. On the NEFT/RTGS form, you will find two sections given. You have to fill the details such as your personal details and other documents in the left section. While in the right section, the bank officials will fill the details.
  2. In the RTGS form, you will have to fill in the sender’s account details such as beneficiary details, bank branch IFSC code, the amount you want to transfer, signature, date. You need to make sure that all the details you fill in are correct.
  3. Now, once the details are filled, and you have ensured that it is correct, submit the documents to the bank officials, and they will do the processing required.
  4. When you will transact an amount that is higher than INR 2 lakh, you will be required to submit a cheque with the RTGS form. In case you don’t have any, the bank will provide the same.
  5. The RTGS scheme will include the beneficiary bank branch/ sender and destination.
  6. You will also require to include information such as bank account, name, account type, and IFSC code.

How to Close your SBI Bank Account Online?

SBI RTGS Fund Transfer via Bank Offline

The State Bank of India is indeed the best bank available in India, with millions of users. Since the bank requires not much minimum balance and has loads of schemes to offer, users are quite satisfied with their services. Customers will also get online services that include RTGS and NEFT. Through these, customers can send money to anyone they want to, and if they’re going to get it done offline, they are required to visit the bank branch, fill the RTGS form and submit it to the bank to transfer the funds.

What is the meaning of Lien Amount in SBI

SBI RTGS Charges at Bank Branch

There are no fixed charges for the RTGS service by the Reserve Bank Of India, and hence, banks are allowed to charge according to their own rates. If you are making NEFT of up to INR 1 lakh, there are no changes required. However, if you are using the RTGS, you need to pay from INR 25 to INR 56, which may vary.

The bank has its own policies and is 100% secured. You can visit their online portal and make the transactions without any fear. However, you are required to make sure of a few things, such as do not share your OTP or any personal details with anyone, even to the staff of the bank. They can add the beneficiary details and save it for later as well.

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